Why Preschool is necessary? | Bay Area Children Infant Toddler Preschool School-age Program

A number of parents and grandparents out there questions on the tradition of preschool and may not support the decision of similar because of many reasons. Some of these reasons could be—safety & security of the child, attitude, and temper of teacher & supervisor under which the children are guided. However, according to studies, it has concluded

that Preschool has given a world-class option to Parents all over the world to give their children a probability to grow and cope with school atmosphere before admitting to an actual school. Here are some reasons on the subject of the necessity of Preschool for this generation—

Social and Academic Development: A group of students or children of a similar group or an atmosphere where children get to play role in a variety of activities helps in the development of two kinds—social development and Academic development. In Preschool, the child learns communication, basic mathematics, basic vocabularies and reading skills. Entertainment of indoor and outdoor games in a group enhances the ability of Children to cope with sociality. Being a parent to a single child, you cannot balance social and academic development of the child at an equivalent level. There’s always a gap. Hence, preschool is necessary.

Power of Etiquettes:When it comes to attending school, more often than not, 40 percent of children do not hold the power of etiquettes which are crucial these days. You may say that “what’s the importance of Preschool in teaching Etiquettes when parents can do the same?” Indeed, the Etiquettes that come from preschool are stronger and children are more confident in making the use of right manner at the right time. Sometimes, children who seem to grow confidence in the four walls of the house get unconscious and introvert when it comes to a classroom full of students and teachers.

Physical, Mental and Emotional Development:Preschool is not only about learning, it is also about playing, acting, communicating and expressing oneself. If you see a child in Preschool, he/she is just not forced to concentrate on learning ABCs, 123s but they are taught in the context of different games that involve the use of brain as well as physical strength. Apart from this, they communicate with each other, grow friendships, may conflict time-to-time, however, all these activities result in Physical, Mental and Emotional Development of the child. In noteworthy of mentioning, all the developments that come from preschool come in equal amount and hence, those are more effective and durable.
“Give your child a chance to learn before he/she act.”